An Open Innovation management platform to scale collaborations

Startup Flow is a supporting tool leading Open Innovation to Business decisions, whether it is partnership decisions, collaboration decisions or standby/rejection decisions

”Our products centralize data from multiple sources and build the right processes to efficiently use them”

Ghislain de Juvigny, Co-Founder & CEO

A software to map startups, partners, projects & collaborators while building smart reporting & KPIs tracking along the way.

Gather your people and teams on Startup Flow to link your internal and external ecosystems – Innovation teams, Purchasing Teams, Marketing teams, Operational Business Units, HR teams… a true participative innovation.

  • Web & Mobile (iOS, Android)

  • Aggregation and connection to your sourcing databases

  • Multi-objects search engine

  • Detailed file of a startup / partner / project

  • Easy reporting & detailed analytics

  • Management of external applications

  • User profile & personal portfolio management

  • Management of To-dos & system of smart emails

  • Community & internal network of expertise

  • Management of innovation needs & ideas

  • Loading of your existing data & easy new entries thanks to data enrichment APIs

  • Secure Cloud hosting or On-Premise hosting on request

  • Safe authentication via Single Sign On

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