Build, connect & manage your innovation ecosystems worldwide

Process your innovation to speed-up your transformation

Our solution brings structure, analysis and collaboration as business success factors to your existing sourcing


We help you increase the value of your ecosystem, report on your innovation initiatives and measure relevant KPIs


We create communication channels to foster a feedback culture and boost collaboration between your teams


We give you a way to empower your people and involve all of your Human Resources in your innovation dynamics

Startup Flow is an innovation management SaaS platform for ambitious companies

To optimize your innovation dynamics our solution comes with 3 sides:

A Startups Relationship Manager

A collaborative database of your internal sourcing to manage, qualify and share the startups on your radar

A Knowledge sharing platform

A place to share knowledge, methods and resources about the innovation plans and focus of the company and about the best practices to successfully collaborate with startups

A KPIs tracking & analytics framework

A metrics dashboard to follow the development of innovation initiatives, track the projects in deployment and identify the people leading change in your organization

Startup Flow is easy to implement and complies with your company's security policy


We create connectors to all of your existing tech applications (enterprise social networks, chat tools, blogs, sourcing files, etc).


We share no data or info across our clients: only the best practices are shared between our members


Our very agile tech architecture enables us to adapt to your safety and privacy standards and successfully pass your compliance audits

Startup Flow is easy to plug in your existing tech environment

The connectors below are already available and we can build the new ones you need in no time


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