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We help our clients leverage startup collaboration and open innovation initiatives

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Bayer Crop Science - An innovation ecosystem within reach

Bayer’s journey to deploy a company-wide knowledge management platform for external innovations.

As a global company, Bayer seeks to leverage external innovation opportunities as a complement to its internal assets and capabilities. Many excellent technologies from various innovation sources (start-ups, academia and companies) are identified in existing technology ecosystems and assessed for a potential fit to Bayer’s programs.

An appropriate knowledge management system provides a great opportunity to crowdsource external innovation from all over the world.

But to really use the full potential of this global scouting capabilities, some challenging questions must be tackled (a situation most large and decentralized firms are facing) including:

1. How to achieve full transparency on external innovation opportunities throughout the organization?

2. How to break down internal silos and facilitate cross-functional fertilization on partnering opportunities?

3. How to operate with one face to the external world?

The External Innovation Sourcing team from Bayer Crop Science has taken up these challenges.

A software-driven solution to support the knowledge flows and activities with external parties. 

To address this challenge, the External Innovation Sourcing team was looking  for a software solution that would enable knowledge-sharing and transparency on interactions with external parties in a cross-functional, centralized and simple manner.

After assessing various SaaS solutions offered by third party providers, Bayer selected Startup Flow to create a transparent and interactive one-stop-shop encompassing all interactions and activities with external parties.

In the frame of ‘Bayer Crop Science – An innovation ecosystem within reachBayer is happy to recognize that one year after implementation of Startup Flow’s platform, it has fulfilled Bayer’s key objectives to:

– enable transparency on interactions with external parties
– involve all employees for crowdsourcing of opportunities
– preserve confidentiality restrictions in the process.

With the contribution of Startup Flow, Bayer has also noticed major progress to:

1/ Increase operational excellence amongst the teams involved in innovation and technology scouting

All teams are sharing information and evaluating opportunities on the platform. This resulted in a significant reduction of emails, calls and meetings, hence boosting efficiency, productivity and motivation by creating a common ground and a shared goal across the organization.

2/ Break down internal silos to facilitate cross-regional and cross-functional fertilization on partnerships

The shared innovation management framework enables the creation of operational workflows and milestones to structure the management of the pipeline of opportunities.

3/ Operate with one face to the external world and avoid parallel interactions with third parties

The platform has allowed Bayer to centralize all information concerning external interactions hence reducing or eliminating duplicate efforts and parallel discussions.

4/ Boost cultural interest in open innovation and adoption of new ways of innovation

The platform has helped raise internal awareness on what is happening in the R&D engine and has fostered overall interest, acceptance and adoption of new ways of innovation.

Testimonials from

Mélanie Héroult

Head of R&D Innovation Sourcing

What was appealing to me in Startup Flow is the App functionality, one way I can retrieve information on our external deal flow portfolio from everywhere at any time.”

Verena Herrmann

Innovation Scout

“It’s amazing to see how Startup Flow, after just a few months of implementation in our organization, has empowered me to expand my internal innovation network with colleagues, both around the globe and across functions!”

Johan Botterman

Open Innovation and Strategic Partnerships

Bayer employees around the world are now to collect and share their knowledge and insight about third party technologies; this will have a major impact to select the right partners offering the technologies addressing gaps and needs in our portfolio.”

Simon Maechling

Innovation Manager

“Startup Flow has been essential to help me with tracking my external deal flow and at the same time allows me to be transparent with all my colleagues within Bayer!” –

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