We look for great talents to speed-up our Flow

Teamwork makes the vision work

There are already many names behind our rapid growth : Aurélien, Manon, Sophie, Victor, Helene, Adrien… At Startup Flow we strongly believe that our team makes our success.
Therefore to turn our vision into reality we rely on Startup Flow talents : a great team of men and women ready to sail together in choppy waters.

The Startup Flow Talents are :

1/ Smart and humbleBecause we can reach the stars while staying down to earth
2/ Ambitious and motivated
Because we need a good reason to wake up early in the morning
3/ Attentive and open-minded
Because we all learn from one another
4/ Observant and creative
Because we first need to see the obstacles to overcome them
5/ Members of a team
Because it is more fun, interesting and fulfilling to evolve together 
6/ Well paid
Because talent comes up with a price

You hardly fit in a box and our current jobs offers are not exception to that? We are interested in you!

Spontaneous Application