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Our mission

At Startup Flow, we believe that corporate startup collaboration will shape the future of our global economy. Large companies are operating in a world that extends beyond the walls of their own enterprise into a wider ecosystem - including the new and unknown. Startups are the flagships of this wider ecosystem, as they bring disruptive and transformative solutions reshaping entire markets and industries in no time.

In parallel, within large organizations, numerous teams are launching open innovation projects to prepare the future, with the belief that external ideas and external paths to market become as important as internal ideas and paths to market.

The Startup Flow mission statement. “Our mission is to help companies explore new business territories, find new business models, and make informed decisions about external innovation opportunities”.

We believe that bridging various ecosystems makes innovation sustainable, and paves the way to solve the challenges of today and tomorrow. In fact, we believe that open innovation is the business philosophy that creates the most value in the long run. That is why our solution leverages ecosystems of startups, internal experts and innovation partners so large companies can identify, launch and scale open innovation projects.

Our mission is to support large organizations and their teams connect to innovation ecosystems to explore new business territories, find new business models and make informed decisions about external business opportunities.

Corporate venture capital, startup partnerships, internal innovation initiatives, R&D projects... Startup Flow is the technical backbone that supports these initiatives for growth by centralizing the right data, the right processes, and the right people.

And we are just getting started.

Our founders

  • Ghislain de Juvigny

    Co-founder and CEO

    Ghislain de Juvigny is the co-founder and CEO of Startup Flow. An engineer by training, Ghislain is now leading the Tech and Product teams at Startup Flow.

    Before embarking on his Startup Flow journey, Ghislain served as CTO of Milky, a marketing and advertising agency. Ghislain also co-founded Hairfie, a website and mobile app dedicated to find your next hairstylist.

    Ghislain graduated from Ecole Polytechnique and Mines ParisTech, with Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Technical Innovation, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship degrees, respectively.

  • Gaëtan Bolloré

    Co-founder and Deputy-CEO

    Gaëtan Bolloré is the co-founder and Deputy CEO of Startup Flow. An entrepreneur at heart, Gaëtan has brought his entrepreneur spirit and expertise to Startup Flow. His main responsibilities lie with Sales and Business Development.

    Together with Ghislain de Juvigny, he has built one of the fastest-growing open innovation SaaS platforms in Europe.

    Previously, Gaëtan founded Sherlock, an online search engine dedicated to find doctors who speak your native language. Gaëtan also has experience in the Finance sector, he has worked as a venture analyst at Earlybird VC in Berlin and as a business analyst at Square Capital in London. Gaëtan graduated from ESCP-Europe with a Master in Management.

Team Player

We strive to grow collectively with respect, solidarity and cheerfulness.


We pay attention to our users, clients and teammates at all times.


We are committed to chasing the WOW factor in everything we do.


We aim for the moon while
 keeping both feet on the ground.


We challenge the status quo and creatively step-off the beaten path.

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